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Pikes Peak Citizen Advisory Committee

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Rick Hoover
City of Colorado Springs


Jim Egbert
City of Colorado Springs


Steve Murray
City of Colorado Springs


Joan Lucia-Treese
El Paso County


Amy Filipiak
City of Manitou Springs


Steve Hicks
El Paso County


Cindy Tompkins
Town of Ramah

Brian W.

Brian L.A. Wess
Town of Green Mountain Falls


Dennis Carpenter
Town of Ramah

Town of Green Mountain Falls


Jim Godfrey
Citizen At-Large


Tom Rogers
Citizen At-Large


Jim Null
At-Large Alternate


Brian Risley
At-Large Alternate

Second Vice Chair

At-Large Alternate


Tom H

Tom Harold
Citizen At-Large


David Chestnutt
Citizen At-Large


Donald Feigel
Citizen At-Large
First Vice Chair


Richard Williams
El Paso County


Ray Ferguson
City of Manitou Springs


Kit Roupe
At-Large Alternate

Mission for Pikes Peak RTA Citizen Advisory Committee

The primary objective for the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority’s Citizen Advisory Committee (PPRTA CAC) is to ensure that the capital, maintenance, and public transportation projects and programs approved by voters in the November 2, 2004, election are accomplished with PPRTA funds. This committee reports directly to the PPRTA Board of Directors.

Additionally, the intent of the PPRTA Board in forming the CAC is to ensure that citizens are included as partners with the PPRTA Board to monitor the expenditure of the funds for capital, maintenance, and public transportation projects and programs within the five local government areas that comprise the PPRTA.

The PPRTA CAC will review the preliminary budgets prepared by PPRTA and local government staff to provide recommendations to the PPRTA Board. Further, the PPRTA CAC will review local government budgets as submitted to the specific PPRTA member governments to ensure that the funding from the PPRTA will not be used to substitute for or reduce the City of Colorado Springs’ funding to the existing transit system, or to substitute for or reduce any member government’s funding for maintenance activities.

How to Apply for Membership on
the Pikes Peak RTA Citizen Advisory Committee

The PPRTA CAC meets monthly on the first Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. for approximately two hours at the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments building at 15 S. 7th Street in Colorado Springs to hear presentations and make recommendations to the PPRTA Board regarding budgets, contracts, and other aspects of project/program implementation. These positions are volunteer positions.

There are three seats for City of Colorado Springs CTAB members, three seats for El Paso County HAC members, and two seats each for members from the City of Manitou Springs, the Town of Green Mountain Falls, and the Town of Ramah. For PPRTA CAC membership process information from any of these five governments, please contact the Mayor, the City Manager, or the City Clerk from the municipal government members, or your County Commissioner or the County Administrator’s office for El Paso County. 

The process for an At-Large or At-Large Alternate membership position is to write a letter of interest and application to Mr. Rob MacDonald, PPRTA Board Secretary, 15 S. 7th Street, Colorado Springs, 80905, explaining how you would be an asset to the PPRTA CAC. Advertisements for these at-large vacancies appear in regional newspapers on an irregular basis. It is best to submit an application letter at any time, and it will be kept on file until there is an opening. The PPRTA Board will then review the applications on file and make a decision to appoint from the candidates in the file or advertise for additional applicants.

If you have any questions about the several processes mentioned above, please contact Mr. Rick Sonnenburg, PPRTA Program/Contracts Manager, at 471-7080, ext. 138 or via email at rsonnenburg@ppacg.org.

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