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Establishing IGA

The original Establishing IGA was approved by the four member governments in August 2004 before the ballot measure went before the public in November. Following the November 2012 vote to extend the PPRTA capital program from 2015 through 2024, the Establishing IGA was revised and called the First Amended and Restated IGA. It spells out the purpose, boundaries and powers of the Authority, as well as the allocation of revenues, composition and powers of the Board of Directors and its officers.

Comprehensive IGAs

The Pikes Peak RTA Board of Directors has a comprehensive IGA with each of the five member governments outlining several procedural categories, including the budget process, how to handle claims and other liability issues, contracting elements/roles/limitations, ownership of projects and other assets, and financial and construction reporting requirements. Please see the links below to view each IGA.

City of Colorado Springs and City Transit IGA, First Amendment

City of Colorado Springs and City Transit IGA, Second Amendment

El Paso County IGA

City of Manitou Springs IGA

Town of Green Mountain Falls IGA

Town of Ramah IGA

Baptist Road RTA IGA

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